The below information is designed to give you an indication of the fees and outlays that are likely to be charged by Jackson & Company Solicitors in any work that we carry out for you. Please note that the actual amount that we charge for work carried out will depend on the nature and circumstances of your case.
Potential costs will be discussed at your initial consultation. The matter of fees will be kept under review throughout your case. If we indicate that we will carry out work at a fixed fee, we shall let you know if we intend to charge more than the fee quoted to you. With regard to our hourly rate, we review our hourly rate from time to time and therefore the rate at which we charge may increase during the course of the work we carry out for you. Again, we will tell you in advance and the new hourly rate will apply to work carried out after you have been told of the new rate.

Our hourly rate and fixed fee does not include any outlays that may be required to be paid to third parties, such as the Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service. We cannot control the cost of such outlays but will endeavour to bring these to your attention as soon as possible.


If carrying out work for you at our hourly rate, this will be broken down into units. The full breakdown of costs will be contained within in our Terms and Conditions of Business sent to you at the outset. Currently, our hourly rate for fee earners is £200 plus VAT charged at 20%.

The hourly rate is broken down into units of six minutes. Accordingly, our current amount of a unit for a qualified solicitor is £20. Some work (such as drafting letters) is based on the length of a document.

Here is a breakdown of some of the types of work and documents and the units attributable to them:

(i) Drawing deeds intended to have contractual effect, court writs, court pleadings, affidavits, inventories and the like – 5 units per sheet of 250 words

(ii) Other papers to include transfers, minutes of meetings – 3 units per sheet of 250 words

1. Copying (No charge up to 50 pages in whole matter)
Over 50 pages – 0.02 unit per copy

(i) Time spent conducting a trial, proof or formal debate before a court, tribunal, licensing board or arbiter – 12 units per hour

(ii) All other time spent where not otherwise provided for – 10 units per hour

2. Letters (except as aftermentioned) faxes, emails – 1.25 units per 125 words

3. Formal letters (i.e. acknowledgements and confirmatory letters) – 0.5 units

4. Emails – 0.5 units per received email; depending on length, minimum 1 unit per sent e-mail.

5. Telephone calls – 1 unit per 6 minutes

6. Formal telephone calls (i.e. acknowledging or confirming) – 0.5 units

7. Acting as a Notary – 3 units

8. In addition to the foregoing, I reserve the right to charge 5% on fees to reflect the actual costs of mail and telephone calls.

9. All necessary travel will be charged at £0.45 per mile.

Although we attempt to give an estimate of fees and outlays at the outset, it is very difficult to estimate fees in some types of cases.


In some circumstances, we are able to charge a fixed fee. This allows the client to know at the outset what the cost will be.

We charge fixed fees for wills, powers of attorney, simplified divorce actions, some adoption applications, some criminal cases and notarising or certifying documents. If your case falls into one of these categories, a fixed fee will be discussed at the outset. Please note, we may choose to charge a higher fee or charge at the hourly rate if the work is more complex or time consuming.

Updated: 4th February 2021